A Message from the California Regional Helpers:

This Friday, June 22, will mark Bapak’s birthday. It is often a date when members and groups like to gather for latihan and sometimes a meal.

This year we would like to suggest, for those who would like to participate, a region-wide latihan as one way to celebrate / mark Bapak’s birthday.

This will take place from 8 PM (8:15 PM start) this Friday evening. Members might like to gather at their group hall or at a member’s home, or join individually from their own home. For those who would like to join others in our region doing latihan via conference call, we will host a call at the following numbers:

Women: Dial (641) 715-3827; Access code 469307
Men: Dial (515) 604-9515; Access code 194341

We look forward to joining you for latihan this Friday, June 22, at 8 PM. We feel so very grateful to Bapak for Subud and for sharing this remarkable latihan kejiwaan.

Love,  Elna, Lucia, Maria, Bustami, Luke, Meldan

Bapak’s Birthday