A Call For Delegates  The PNW region has been designated to send 9 delegates to the National Congress.  Currently only 4 are confirmed to be going, one from Seattle, one from Portland, one from B/SV group and one from Spokane. So, we’re five short of meeting our minimum delegate obligation to the National Congress. If you are going and willing to be a delegate, please step forward.  Many consider being a delegate a thankless task but it does have it’s rewards:

  1. A chance to pay back to Subud for the privilege of being able to do the latihan with your group.
  2. Meet people you have never met before.
  3. A chance participate in our process.
  4. See another area of the country you may have never visited and expand your horizons. (Travel is the worst enemy of ignorance.)
  5. A chance to brotherhood and socialize.
  6. The entertainment is always fantastic!


  1. Attend the meetings and vote.
  2. Bring proposals from your group to be discussed and voted on.
  3. Discuss and vote on the various proposals from the national committee.
  4. Take what you have learned and bring it back to your group and report at your next monthly meeting.
  5. To reemphasize – The National Congress, it’s not just business. It’s our celebration of all things connected to our latihan. A time to share the gifts we have received. A time to experience our latihan in a different environment, a chance to shake it up a little. We all need a vacation from our routines a shift in our perception which can produce a little shift in our latihan and perhaps a little deeper surrender in our being.
  6. Plus all delegates are entitled to, as Sebastian Tedrow put it, A slightly lower registration fee, an “attaboy” or “attagirl” from me, and a warm fuzzy feeling for the delegate.
  7. And I may add “ the grace from all mighty god”  for your hard work and a job well done.
Delegates Needed for Indy!