My experience is that World Congresses are often life changing Subud events and so I have been moved to help our recently opened brother, Aarkarsh Gotthumukkala who is off at graduate school in Maryland and as with all students short of funds.

I offered to do what I could to help him go including putting his airfare on a credit card.

The next step is registration, food and lodging.

He has offered to work in the Childcare area so he certainly will be earning his keep…so to speak.  He has tutored young students in Math and is a Math wiz. He does latihan with the Washington D.C. group when there at college.

I have set up a GoFundMe account to collect funds for his travel costs.

Please just click on this link to donate:

Thanks for any support you might give.


Marston Gregory

Help Send Aarkash to Congress: