menucha1PROOFBy Paul Nelson

I remember my first Menucha, but I do not remember the year. I had heard tales about it, about what a great event it was and how I should make plans to attend and when I finally did, the whole set-up seemed quite sensible to me. The democratic nature of proposing workshops and asking people to vote on them and then assigning the workshops to rooms based on participant votes, seemed like a very fair way to do things.

I facilitated a poetry workshop and also read poems on the stage for Entertainment night. It seemed as if there was a whole side of me that my Subud Brothers and Sisters had never seen. I’ll never forget the look on Halimah Collingwood’s face when I got off the stage.

I love the spirit of camaraderie I feel at Menucha and look forward to being a part of it this year. What is your best Menucha memory?

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