The monthly Subud PNW Dewan met via conference call Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Attendees:  Aaron Mann, Paul Nelson, Sherwin O’Bar, Ramon, Michael Du Bois, Michael and Beata Alexander, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes from last meeting approved with one abstention.

Treasurer Report: 

SPNW 2016 financial results thru June:

Income:                                             $10,288

Expense:                                            11,580

Expense Greater than Income    $ 1,292

Expense is greater than income due to a $1,462 reservation fee paid to Mencuha Conference Center (MCC) to reserve MCC for the November 2016 gathering.  Income from the Menucha gathering will offset this reservation fee. READ MORE.

Subud PNW Regional Dewan Meeting 7.27.16