See what your friendly Regional Dewan has been up to in taking care of Subud business.

From the January 10, 2018 meeting:

Center Reports:

Camille reported the Portland group is having a meeting on Sunday – they have a circle meeting every other Sunday. After the meeting Marius Harold, Emile Ward and Latham Stack are going to go up and look at what needs to be done to rebuild the attic. Basically, they will have to tear off the roof and rebuild the attic before they can re-roof the building. Camille’s term is up in February so, right now, she is trying to take care of some details for the roof repair before her term ends, like getting bids and arranging for the money. Also, the group can apply for a grant with MSW in June; if there is money and few applicants they may get a grant. READ MORE.

From the December 13, 2017 meeting:

Honora stated her report wasn’t very long because Seattle’s December meeting is actually occurring this coming Saturday but she did want to mention they had their regional helper visit last weekend and it was fun. She knew that lots of people who were on the call today has also been there; she didn’t know if anybody had a story to share but she wanted to say it was amazing to have everybody come out and she was glad it seemed to be a success. She would like to do a lot more of them. She is going to talk to the group about trying to have a regular kejiwaan day. The Seattle group was inspired by the Skagit group and how well organized they are. Honora thanked them for being a good example and for coming to visit.

Seattle has a brand new newsletter editor; Haryana Chilstrom had to step down so Rachman Cantrell will be taking over the newsletter. Seattle also has a new secretary. Leandra is taking over as secretary for Seattle.

Honora asked Sherwin to report about Seattle’s financial status. He stated Seattle is doing pretty well. The Airbnb is the main source of income and also generates expenses so he thought Seattle would end the year a little bit negative but that was primarily due to some sewer re-work that had had to be done earlier in the year. The cost was $10,000 and it came out of operating funds.

Oswald wanted to follow up on the kejiwaan held the previous week in Seattle. He stated it was very, very nice; someone in the background stated it was excellent. Oswald thought it was very useful for everyone that attended. He asked Honora when Seattle was having its Christmas party. She stated it was the coming weekend – the official date was Sunday, December 17th. Oswald stated it was on the FGS website and that was what it said. READ MORE.


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