It’s Been 4 Years Since We’ve Been Together
By Oswald Norton, 2022 Regional Congress Chair

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
At our last congress – conducted at the Subud USA National Congress, May 25, 2018, at the Vancouver Hilton – you elected me as the next congress chair. I could have not anticipated that it would be 4 years until I would have the privilege of serving you in this capacity.

After testing by our Regional Helpers on the location and date for the congress, Sunday, May 15th, at the
Portland Subud House was chosen.

Our congress will consist of two main sections:
– Latihan and a light lunch in the morning
– Business in the afternoon with reports and selection of the new committee for the coming 2-year term.

I am particularly looking forward to the regional in-person group latihan we will have there. And, I am also
interested in hearing from our Regional Committee, Treasurer, the Regional Helpers and each of our Center
Chairs about the state of our region.

Following these reports, the Regional Helpers will then help with us with the selection of candidates for
Regional Chair and Vice Chair. We will then vote in the new Chair and Vice Chair.

If you are thinking of putting your names forward for this selection process, I would like you to be aware of the following:
– Regional Helpers will be offering questions for testing with your local helpers – or if you are a regional
member during regional latihan on May 2nd – on being of service to our regional community. I’m asking all
members of the region to participate in this testing.
– Hadjah O’Bar, our current Chair, is working on transition documentation for the new Chair and Vice
Chair. She is also willing to meeting with the new committee to assist in their transition. Having served
as Vice Chair for our region (2014-2016), I recommend that the new committee make use of this

Each week I hope to publish more information on this important milestone in the life of our regional Subud
Community. But most of all, I look forward to meeting with you May 15th, in Portland.

Subud PNW Congress – May 15th