The Subud World Congress in Freiburg continues and there are many Subud Pacific Northwest members (& one former and potentially future member) who are stepping up into new roles:

New International Helpers for Area 3 (includes USA)
Women: Joan Fromme, Illene Pevec, Halinah Rizzo-Busack
Men: Benedict Herrman, Kohar Parra, Humphrey Williams

Frederick and Melanie Branchflower at their home in Pouslbo, WA

New USA National Helpers
: Michal Brownell, Loretta Covert, Sofia Nicoletti, Latidjah Miller
(Sofia Nicoletti is continuing as a National Helper)
MenBenjamin Boyce, Fredrick Branchflower, Jim Dehner, David Nicoletti

New International Wing Chairs
The following people were elected by the delegates to the 15th World Congress to lead the Subud Wings:

Susila Dharma Intl:  Evan Padilla, Chair
Subud Intl Cultural Assn: Rusydah Zeizel, Chair
Subud Enterprise Support Intl: Gaie Tavishin and Hammond Peek, Co-Chairs
Subud Intl Health Assn: Albatina Phillimore, Coordinator
Subud Youth Assn: Felix Prieto, Coordinator

Read the email newsletter here.

Uraidah Hasssani is the new representative for Zone 7, which covers the USA, Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Suriname. Watch Uraidah talk about her new position here.

Ida Stralberg, Evan Padilla and Halstein Stralberg (Photo by Rachman Cantrell)
New National Helper Benjamin Boyce
SPNW Members in New Roles