From the Subud Greater Seattle site…

Ramadan 2016Ramadan this year happens from June 5 to July 4. While Subud members are not required to observe Ramadan, there can be many benefits for those who do and many Subud members do observe it as a way of reevaluating their lives and connection to the divine.

There was a great post on the Subud California site last year with many tips, including those for the “inner fast” which is a good idea for anyone, not just people observing the month-long ritual. They are:

Fasting includes the following restraints or abstentions:

  • Do not use your ears to listen to gossip, quarrels or bad words;
  • Do not use your mouth to say anything wrong or unkind;
  • Do not use your emotions to reach the emotions (passions) of others… READ MORE.
Ramadan 2016