Subud PNW LogoHere it is, the new website for Subud Pacific Northwest. Not much here other than a beginning, but that’s where members from the region come in. As a Dewan, we are willing to travel anywhere in the region to meet with Subud members, strengthen Subud communities and document what is happening. We’re willing to provide hands-on training for members interested in learning blogging. But we need you content, your stories, your perspective.

We see this website as one that can suffice for Subud PNW communities who do not have a website and we welcome content of all kinds, including posts, news, photos and upcoming events. We’re also interested in connecting with Subud communities not technically in the Pacific Northwest as Subud defines it, but ARE in the bioregion, such as Victoria, Vancouver, Gibsons, BC and Arcata, California, and the offer to provide WordPress blogging training extends to these Subud communities.

It is our hope that this effort strengthens communication the region, creates greater awareness of Subud and helps local PNW Subud communities expand, become stronger and more diverse.

Gratitude goes to Aaron Mann, the new Subud PNW Chair for his vision and fundraising efforts and to those anonymous members who stepped up immediately for the funds to make this happen in the best way. Thanks also to Philip Brautigam of Gush Design for his ongoing brilliant web work for Subud and other organizations.

New Subud PNW Website
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