A Helper Support Day happened at the Subud House in Seattle on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Seattle Local Helpers gathered with Subud PNW Regional Helpers and two National Helpers (Sofia Nicoletti and Marius Harold) to discuss how Helpers can better serve membership, make Subud more diverse and help the organization expand. Isadora Roth reports:

Regional Helper Report

We spent Saturday April 9th in Seattle, testing and discussing with the local helpers what it means to be a helper and how to best support the membership in that capacity. Many insights were achieved, and delicious food imbibed. (Honorable mention goes to the rapturous roasting skills of Mr. Sherwin O’Bar.)
On Sunday we traveled to the Bellingham/Skagit Valley group, and tested with them about our openness to change and to the possibilities of the future. Much tasty food was provided for us there as well, and gauging by the warmth and duration of the hugs at the end of the day, the Bellingham group was either happy with our visit, or desired that we should never leave them.

Subud PNW Helper Support Day 4.10.16

Helper Support Day