Yes! Subud PNW is offering (2) up to $1000 Helper Development travel grants. These are available for a man and woman to attend the Helper Gathering April 29 & 30 in Duram, NC.
While Subud PNW is rich with individuals who are or have been helpers, many of us are of the same generation, and facing big personal challenges. We need helpers of all generations, and those who have not yet had the opportunity to serve and grow in this way. SPNW Board voted to create these grants to encourage and support the development of younger or newer helpers and helper candidates, and currently inactive helpers.
This grant is not based strictly on financial need. Other limited financial assistance is offered by the organizers, separate from the SPNW support.
Interested newer, younger, center, regional, candidate or not-currently-active helpers are encouraged to apply for these travel grants as soon as possible!

Please contact:

Margarite Charney (541) 840-4333
David Lynch (360) 742-6211

As there will be multiple candidates, the Regional Helpers will assist with selection. Applicants will be notified by April 1 so that you can make travel plans. If either of the helper development grants goes unused, it will become available for a future helper development gathering. Subud California hopes to host a similar event.

Helper Development Grants??!!