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Friends in Subud!

I’ve attached the information letter outlining SICA-USA’s Call to Cultural Arms around our first annual online cultural/art auction fundraiser as well as the contribution form. <<Download Contribution Form Here>>

ANY expression of your amazing art/culture that you would care to donate to the SICA Online Auction – would be hugely appreciated.

As the contribution form indicates, I’ll need a photo or two of your art piece, a brief description of what it is – including dimensions, the minimum dollar value you’d assign your art/culture (including shipping fees).

Since all four of us board members are covering specific areas of Subud USA – my venue is the entire West Coast – so any response you might have can simply come back to me via reply email.

I promise you I will forward your response to our Online Auction Organizer as soon as I receive it.

Logistically speaking, the bidding runs May 1-15th.  I’ll get word to you as to who actually won your art – plus their shipping address so you can send it to them directly.

SICA promises to reimburse you for shipping expenses – so, you’re not risking anything out of pocket.

A word or two about what constitutes Subud Culture Donations: this would include books, first editions, poetry scrolls, prints of paintings, actual paintings, collages, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, records, CD’s, videos, antiques, etc.

PLEASE get back to me by March 31st.

Fayra Teeters

SICA-USA Board Member, Grant Liaison



Call to Cultural Arms!