From Acting Subud National Chair Lucas Boladian:

I invite you to our 2018 Subud National Congress at the Vancouver Hilton hotel in Vancouver, WA during the Memorial Day weekend. This will be a very exciting event as it is held jointly with the Subud California Regional Gathering and Subud PNW Regional Congress.

We are planning a full slate of kejiwaan activities centered around three latihans each day, and will also be empaneling new/continuing officers for Subud USA as well as several of our wing affiliates. Keep Reading

Receiving from the National Helpers

During our recent National Helper retreat we tested about what we should know and be aware of for the upcoming 2018 National Congress. We received unanimously that it is important to make a wide space for the kejiwaan and to offer three latihans a day. This will facilitate the business part of the gathering.  There is a great opportunity for deep worship, wide experience, and blessings.

We have a great location and a chance to enjoy each other and to be united while interweaving national and regional, business and kejiwaan. We feel excited and happy about this event!  Come have fun with us before heading off to the World Congress!

Congress Website

The Congress website is available! This is your key source for registration information and many other details to help you prepare for Congress.

Visit the website Here

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Congress Contacts

Amelia Williams, National Congress Planner (
Leo Horthy, National Congress Business Chair (
Erika Weissinger, Chair, CA Congress (
Aaron Mann, Regional Chair, PNW(

2018 Subud National Congress