SICA-USA Online Art Auction
Fall Revival is Here!

For Subud Members who missed this summer’s first edition of the SICA-USA Online Art Auction, or who submitted offers that were out-bid – this is the event for you! The Fall Revival of the Online Art Auction is up and running through November 2nd – the perfect chance to purchase Subud art in time for the holidays: be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Equinox, or Festivus for the Restuvus.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these amazing cultural/artistic outpourings of our Subud National Treasures – 60 offerings representing 27 Subud artists, writers, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, performers, musicians, multi-media-ists, and mixed-baggers. You’ll be amazed at the wonder-filled spectrum and far-reaching scope of our Subud Art World! Join us online to meet artists you may not have heard of, revisit images of established professionals, or simply scroll through the vast wealth of Subud Culture! Although the Online Auction is being conducted as a fundraiser to support the work of SICA-USA, especially SICA Project Grants, we’re very excited about the exposure it will bring to all contributing artists. We trust that you will find your online experience to be exciting and inspirational as well. Bidding prices range from $6 to $750, so there’s something here for every pocketbook.

Presenting SICA’s Newest Contributing Artists:

Daniela Moneta, contributing DNA Chromosome Trilogy, a multi-color original silk-screen print on gray beige paper. In her bio she states: Bapak told us to remember and pray for our ancestors going back seven generations, especially during the month before Ramadan. We inherit and carry our ancestors’ DNA in the nucleus of every cell in our body. DNA looks like a spiral staircase (double helix). Under a microscope, we can see our 23 pairs of chromosomes, half from your mother, and half from our father. We pass this on genetically to our children and our children’s’ children.

DNA Chromosome Trilogy, Daniela Moneta

Dorothy Fix (1933-2016 – her work is contributed by Laura Lathrup): Seed Pod is a block print on rice paper. In the 1980’s Laura Lathrup collected an unknown species of seed pod from a tree in Cilandak, Indonesia, and upon returning to the United States, gave it to Dorothy Fix to appreciate its unique form. In 1988 Dorothy gifted Laura with this block print of the spiral pod. It is signed and dated by the artist.
Dorothy Fix was a multi-media artist who worked in oil pastels, acrylics, and printmaking, and is best known for her work in fiber. She was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Surface Design Association, a National Organization for Fiber Artists. She also established the fiber program at Towson University where she became Professor Emerita. Some of her work reflects Dorothy’s exploration of her Native American heritage; her great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. After traveling to various indigenous sites throughout the Americas, Dorothy noticed a correspondence between recurring motifs in her work such as the spiral, bird, hand, snake, skeleton, heart and mountain, with symbols on artifacts at those sites.
Dorothy’s work was popular with private collectors. She exhibited regularly in galleries in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, Maryland, as well as nationally throughout the United States. She also curated exhibitions, including four major craft and fiber exhibitions at Towson University, plus national juried exhibitions for SICA.

Seed Pod, Dorothy Fix

David McCormack: David is a long-time, second generation, Subud Member who writes and teaches history, which happens to be his favorite subject, especially Subud history. His contribution to the SICA Art Auction is Jacob and the Mouse, an illustrated storybook based on a humorous story told by Bapak in Cilandak in 1974. This soft-cover book, illustrated by Anna Schroeder and published in 2014, is the best bargain in the auction: being offered at the starting bid of $6.50!

Jacob and the Mouse, David McCormack

Sydney Hoerler is contributing Underwater Garden, an underwater photograph of a piece of coral captured as an abstract image. This framed image was created in 2014 and is 24” x 19” Sydney has a grand passion for photography, her major areas focusing on street settings and underwater images. She graduated in 2010 with a BFA in photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

The SICA-USA Board is really excited about show casing more than sixty works by Subud creatives across the country in one place, the first time this has been done. We encourage everyone to have a look, register to bid, find the pieces you would like to own, and then bid away!

Underwater Garden, Sydney Hoerler

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SICA Art Auction Fall Revival, By Fayra Teeters